Market Box Schedule

Friday Weekend Market

  • Shopping opens: Sunday Afternoon
  • Shopping ends: Thursday at 6am

Friday Pick-up Locations and Hometown Delivery Service 

(location & time):

York Friday Pick-up at The Kitchen

Saturday Weekend Market

November 18, 2017 (Week #2)

November 24th & 25th (Closed)

December 1st & 2nd (Week #1)

December 8th & 9th (Week #2)

  • Shopping opens: Sunday Afternoon
  • Shopping ends: Thursday at 6am

Saturday Pick-up Locations for Hometown Delivery Service (location & time)

York Saturday Pickup at The Kitchen 9am-8pm

Geneva - South side of court house, 9am

Strang - Post Office- 9:45am

Nelson - Post Office - 10:45am

Deweese - Post Office - 11:30am (Week #1)

Fairfield - Post Office - 12:00pm (Week #1)

Sutton - Mem. Library - 12:30pm (Week # 1)


Edgar - Christian Church - 11:30am (Week #2)

Shickley - Post Office - 12:00pm (Week #2) 

* - New Location        ** - New Time 

Cancellation/Refund and weather policy

Refund or cancel your order...

We get it, life happens!

Any purchase can be refunded until we reach the 

Thursday morning deadline. 

After that point we may issue a credit for a future purchase, but NO refund. The simplest answer is when the shopping carts have closed, we have committed your funds to large purchases from our vendors to provide the produce and other items. And at this point, it is impossible for us to stop or change our vendor orders. 

Just reach out via email, Facebook, or phone call, and we can help you get everything sorted out!

Inclement Weather

Weather Policy - We reserve the last say on decisions made about pick-ups and deliveries due to weather conditions. Our pledge to you is that we a going to try everything possible to get these Market Boxes delivered. There may be delays or re-schedules. As far as refunds for the weather, we reserve the final decision making rights. We are always going to choose safety first. And then if we make the decision to suspend the route, we will make the logical decisions when it comes to our Members!

The Kitchen Guest Services is here for you!

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