The Kitchen Market

The Kitchen...

The Kitchen is an Oldies playing restaurant, located in York, Nebraska. 

The Kitchen Market was added in January of 2017. The Market is a hometown, rural grocery delivery service. Behaving like a classic fresh produce club. 

Shop Online and have your fresh groceries delivered to your hometown on Saturdays. We also offer pick-up service in York on Fridays & Saturdays. 

We shop! And you save time & money!

It's getting rough in rural Central Nebraska. Access to fresh fruits & veggies is near impossible for periods through the winter. 

And all the big, national deliver-to -your-door companies can't offer the quantity and freshness that you get from The Market. Their containers are bulky, heavy, and packed full of plastics. In The Market we try to utilize the least amount of waste possible. And we mean least!! Most of the containers we use are either recyclable or compostable. 

Yes! Even in small town Nebraska we're trying to do our part. 

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How it works...

We utilize multiple vendors and suppliers, meaning we can negotiate prices, based on larger quantities, and pass some of that savings on to our Club Members. The Market Box will be offering simple meal kits and fresh ingredients on a weekly basis.

  • The Kitchen Market is only available Online. As you begin shopping, you'll need to first add your location to your shopping cart. Choose your day & location. This item will appear to be the same as a for sale item in the store, but it will not charge you at check out.  Now you're ready to add your groceries and check out online.
  • The Market does have a $15 order minimum, with a $1 Market Fee. The Market fee helps offset fuel & vehicle charges. It'll be added to the bottom of your check out receipt.
  • Check the Market Schedule tab listed on the top of the website to choose your location, and to see what time delivery is for your location.
  • And finally, just meet us at your location on Saturday mornings. This is usually a pretty speedy process, because we 

Find your recipes!

With the enormous amount of open-soursed recipe information available on the internet, The Market will offer suggestions for some items, as far as recipe names. Then you & your family can dig into the old family recipe books, or jump online! And you can customize your very own new recipes!

Hand down to our next generations the importance of feeding the body right! Show them how to prepare healthy food, and that its important to you!